Monday, May 11, 2009

My first keyframe!!!!!

Ok!! this may sound a bit weird but dont parents shoot each and every so-called-first-time moments of there children...that first step...first day at kindergarden...first day at school college or whatever, so am I, a parent of my own work not that i shooted every detail but yeah my memory did and today when I am dealing with my 3d traumas (not really traumas i enjoyi t totall ) and i look back at time i see those days when i had stepped into THE 2d world (not those as a toddlers but those as an animator) those days which were genuinely the golden days for me. With tension rising for submissin the next very day i set up my first key frame with a will power to finish this as early a possible. That do-or-die attitude those moments of true passion between me and my keyframe the day when we met....ok sory gettinga bit mello!! out here but hey who doesnt love bein!!! especially when it comes to setting up ur first key frame...hopp in the keyframe wagon...tell me how was it when u set ur first key frame..!!!! welcoem to the keyframers world

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jandy said...

man awesome work...really liked d first n second ones...